Mali Losinj, Croatia - holiday information

Mali Losinj, Croatia – visitor information

Mali Losinj is the largest town on the island, located in the bay of Augusta. With its 7000 inhabitants it is the biggest island town on the Adriatic. Because of the naturally sheltered harbours and an excellent position the city has historically been an important naval and trading port, and today is one of the most famous tourist cities of the Adriatic. The city has a rich cultural heritage, so you can visit a number of churches, monasteries, Renaissance buildings, basilicas and ancient remains that are scattered everywhere on the island. The most important archaeological monument is the Apoxiomen statue (2nd-1st century BC) that surfaced in the waters of Losinj in the year 1999. Here you can see the statue Apoxiomen as it was found, on the seabed:

Mali Losinj, and the whole island, is known for the beneficial effects of nature on human health, so a great emphasis is placed on touristic wellness, natural remedies, and native foods and beverages. Area of the pine forests Cikat because of its exceptional beauty and value was declared a forest park. The city has many fine sandy beaches, but we recommend you to visit the nearby islands of Susak and Ilovik with sandy beaches as well as numerous smaller uninhabited islands where you can enjoy the crystal clear water and unspoiled nature. Who knows, maybe you can see the dolphins that have settled in the waters of Losinj and often follow ships and thus provide a unique experience. Accommodation can be found in several major hotels, beautiful Renaissance villas, apartments and rooms, campsites and hostels. Cultural and entertainment offer is of high quality, and throughout the year there are numerous events that take place and you can enjoy the local cuisine in many restaurants and taverns from which we can accentuate restaurants Baracuda, Nostromo , Nino and the restaurant Janja in the Artatore bay, where guests even from other Croatian regions arrive by plane, because of the vicinity of the Losinj airport. You can see a film about Mali Losinj here:

Mali Losinj – basic information

Mali Losinj – population: 6296, Mali Losinj - day/ saint: saint : Sv. Martin, 11.11.

Distance from bigger centres

Mali Losinj - Makarska. 472km, Mali Losinj- Split: 439km, Mali Losinj - Pula: 82km, Mali Losinj - Rijeka: 130km, Mali Losinj - Zadar: 323km, Mali Losinj - Šibenik: 382km, Mali Losinj - Dubrovnik: 668km, Mali Losinj - Zagreb: 262km

Possibility of accomodation

private accomodation, apartments, rooms, hotels, family hotels, hostels, pensions, camps


pebble, sandy, stone, concreted

Facilities and authorities

hospital, emergency, self-service shops, shopping centres, bakery, gas station, post office, bank, exchange office, internet caffe, taxi, bus station, farmacy, souvenir shops, dental practice, market, fishmorgen's

Sport's and recreative offer

football field, mini-football field, volleyball in the sand, basketball court, tennis court, rent a car, rent a motor, rent a bike, water scooters, rent a boat, diving school, water sports, walking, jogging tracks, waterslide, gym / fitness, massage services, sauna, solarium

Gastronomic offer

restaurants, pizzerias, fast food restorants, saloons

Night life

disco club, musical evenings in the town, casino, coctail bar, cinema, theatre

Additional offer

congress centre, extreme sports, croatian national park nearby, croatian natural reservation nearby, organised trips to nearby destinations, organised trips to nearby islands, promenade along the sea, organisation of entertaining and cultural events by the tourist board, organisation of fishermen's nights, organisation of folk entertainments, marina in the nearby, nautic tourist port in the place

Mali Losinj – why choose this destination

clean sea, beautiful beaches, long promenades along the sea, pine wood by the beach, beaches in the place, enteraining facilities on the beaches, sports facilities near the beaches, nudistic beaches, secluded beaches, rich gastronomic offer, rich cultural life in the place (exibitions, shows, music evenings), organisation of cultural summer, place rich with cultural and histirical monuments, interesting diving sites, interesting wind surfing sites, long cycling routes and walking tracks, possibility for training preparations of sportsmen, possibility for organisation of congresses, special programmes for children and youth holidays, possibility for departures on interesting trips, possibility for sailing around islands, genuin gastronomic offer nearby, possibility for pilgrimage trip, possibility for getting familiar with the life of people and local customs, numerous events in the place (fashion shows, fairs, sports events, parties, concerts)