Mali Lošinj is the biggest settlement on the island, found on the southern side of the Bay of Lošinj, which thanks to this position has become a very important maritime and commercial centre, and today, also an important tourist destination.

Positioned in the August Bay, the biggest closed bay of the island, and with 7000 inhabitants, today it is the biggest island town in the Adriatic. Mali Lošinj dates back to the 12th century when twelve Croatian families settled in the eastern bay St. Martin. First Croatian settlers were farmers, later they also turned to fishing, sailing and shipbuilding, and with that the settlements moved towards the coast

Today Mali Lošinj is one of the main tourist centres on the Adriatic known in all European tourism circles, which is proofed by an ever bigger number of guest that visit the island every year.

Along the slope in the south part of the town freestanding chapels follow one another in the landscape, the 14 stations of the Way of the Cross. This is the famous Mali Lošinj Kalvarija. The chapels were built in the eighteenth century.

The Lošinj Aromatic Garden – a nursery of the island medicinal herbs in Mali Lošinj.Accompanied by a qualified guide, visitors can find out about the rich island flora, the medicinal properties of the island plants and buy an original island souvenir.


On Mali Losinj, in a beautiful surrounding of rich vegetation, is placed a bay Cikat, which is partly responsible for developement of tourism on Losinj. Along the coast exstends a beautiful and long sandy beach. There is also a beach with rocky parts and a pebbly beach beneath the camp. In the bay Cikat are placed recently restored hotels and a famous camping site in which are offered many fun activities.

Above the beach are placed many gastronomy establishments which are hidden in the dense pine branches. The beaches in a bay Cikat are an ideal choice for those with a sporting spiri[...]


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