Susak is a unique island in the Adriatic Sea, both by its genesis and appearance. The ancient winds deposited thick layers of fine yellowish sand onto the limestone plate and since time immemorial people planted reeds around their fields. The roots of the reeds, in search for water, penetrate deep into the soil and preserve it from erosion.
The island occurred very early on the nautical charts, first under the Roman name Sansacus or Sansegus, which probably derives from "sampsychon" (Greek - marjoram), which resulted in the Croatian name of Susak. First mention of the island in written sources dates back to the middle of the 9th century, when the Saracen and Venetian armies clashed in the waters near the island.

The island is connected by a regular daily shipping line with Mali Lošinj and by catamaran with Rijeka.


  Susak is a small island located in the north of the warm Adriatic sea (Mediterranean). It’s famous for it’s sandy beaches, beautiful folk costumes and yellow dost from which the island made. It is this yellow dust which makes Susak unique - even the the most experienced seamen will agree there’s no similar island in the whole Mediterranean!

On the island there’re no roads, noisy night clubs - there are only miles of dusty paths running across sand cascades, which connect the only village with coves on the other side of the island. During winter island is practically deserted. The only 200 people who live there throughout the year are the people who stayed behind during the big emigration wave to he United States. On Susak a special dialect is spoken, which is so different from standard Croatian that nobody in Croatia understands it.

On the island there is only one settlement, which can be split into two villages: upper and lower one. The older upper one is located on a hill above the sandy bay called Spiaza. The newer lower village lays along the western coast of the same bay.The significance of the Susak’s staircase lays in the fact that for many years it was the only path which connected the two villages. Apart from the main street leading from the harbor into the village, the staircase is the most frequent path on the island. Most of the people ascending to the upper village take a short brake on the little bridge which is halve way to the top.

Majority of the people who visit Susak usually see only the main staircase which features the scenic view of the lower village and the Spiaza bay.


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